Barbara McDowell Foundation Seeks High Impact Litigation Case Proposals

As recently shared in its blog, the Barbara McDowell Foundation is expanding its Pro Bono High Impact Litigation Project.

The Pro Bono High Impact Litigation Project, national in scope, brings together law firms, social justice organizations, and volunteer attorneys from across the country to undertake by a joint effort significant litigation to protect the civil liberties and enhance the economic, health, and social conditions of the poor and vulnerable.

As part of its expanded Project, the Foundation is seeking case proposals from nonprofit social justice organizations. The Foundation invites proposals for cases which will significantly improve the well-being, social conditions, and/or civil liberties of a large number of disadvantaged persons and groups throughout the United States. The Foundation seeks systemic cases that will have an impact on a specific area of the law or a legal issue through the establishment of a legal precedent. The Foundation does not support cases where the relief sought is for an individual except if it would involve an important legal precedent addressing a systemic issue. Also, the Foundation does not support criminal cases where an individual is charged with a crime.

If your organization has a case it would like to suggest for the High Impact Litigation Project, please email Foundation President, Jerry Hartman, at

(August 2020)