Barbara McDowell Foundation Revamps Organization Structure To Advance Its Mission To Achieve Social Justice

The Barbara McDowell Foundation has revised its organizational structure by amending its by-laws to better allow the Foundation to achieve its mission of creating social justice through legal action. 

The new structure created several Board committees which will provide the strategic direction needed to ensure the Foundation’s impact and sustainability. The new committees include the Executive, Finance, Grant, and Advisory Committees. The Advisory Committee is made up of past members of the Board of Directors of the Foundation and the Grant and Advisory Committees are tasked with the annual grant application review and grantee selection process. 

The Foundation has added six new Board members over the last seven months who are committed to overseeing the development and growth of the Foundation.  See here for the biographies of the Foundation’s new Board members and the roles that they are performing in serving the Foundation.

(March 2021)