Case Update – 2020 Grantee, North Carolina Prisoners Legal Services

Barbara McDowell Foundation 2020 Grantee, North Carolina Prisoners Legal Services, shares the following regarding the status of their grant funded case:

Our executive director, Mary Pollard, became Executive Director of the Office of Indigent Defense Services on 1 August 2020 and therefore had to withdraw from this case.  Defendants filed a response in opposition to our class certification motion on 12 August 2020 disputing the legal standard that controlled and the fitness of our named class representatives.  They also disputed that there were no legal or factual issues common to the class members because of variations in the different classifications of solitary confinement, including the purpose, conditions, and reasons for each.  Based on this response, we served limited discovery requests on defendants related to the facts and issues raised in their response.   We received responses on 25 September 2020.  We submitted a reply brief regarding class certification on 9 October 2020.  We now wait for a hearing to be scheduled regarding class certification.

We have been in touch with both local and national experts in the field of forensic psychiatry and psychology who have agreed to be expert witnesses for our case.  

(November 2020)