Barbara McDowell Fund at Westmoreland Church Helps Find Jobs for Those in Desperate Need

The Outreach Ministries program at Westmoreland Church where Barbara belonged published the following article in the Church's bulletin about the fund established at the Church in Barbara's honor:

Barbara McDowell Fund Helps Find Jobs for Those in Desperate Need

Westmoreland’s beloved Barbara McDowell fought hard for social justice and the disadvantaged. After her passing, her husband, Jerry Hartman, established a fund at the church to carry on her work. Outreach Ministries has invested the principal in this fund and plans to distribute the earnings annually. This year’s earnings were $3,000 and they were donated to Jubilee Jobs, a charity in DC that helps people in poverty, often homeless or just out of prison, find jobs. Jubilee Jobs has been in existence for over 30 years. Last year, it found jobs for over 700 people in this area, no mean feat. This is important work, especially needed in these economic times. OM is seeking to establish a long lasting relationship with Jubilee Jobs with them perhaps becoming one of our Core Ministries in the future. While Barbara McDowell worked directly with Shaw Community Ministry, helping Jubilee Jobs is very much in keeping with the devotion she showed to those in desperate need.

(November 2011)