Barbara McDowell Foundation Receives Record Number of Grant Applications

The Barbara McDowell Foundation received 72 applications for its 2020 grant awards. This compares with 54 received last year and is significantly more than prior years.  Of the 72 applications, 26 were from organizations that never applied before; 19 applicants were previous grant recipients. In addition, all of the current five 2019 grantees have reapplied for 2020.  The Foundation’s efforts at outreach to interest new social justice organizations in applying  for grants has thus had some success. 

The current grant review process has begun. The Board of Directors will choose the final grant winners and grant amounts at the annual meeting in late September 2019. The Foundations is expected to allocate between $150,000 and $200,000 for the 2020 grant awards. For 2019 the Foundation’s grants totaled $150,000.

The final 2020 grant winners will be announced in early October.

(August 2019)