The Future of the Foundation: Fundraising

As a part of our continuing efforts at expansion, the Barbara McDowell Foundation has begun the process of fundraising to increase the Foundation’s capital. This endeavor has provided the Foundation with an opportunity to rethink its role in the philanthropic community. While previously the Foundation had only served to distribute funds from a single donor, the Foundation hopes to expand slowly that number of donors so the Foundation may donate more money in larger amounts to a wider array of social justice organizations.

Given the diversity of the social justice work performed by our grantees, the Barbara McDowell Foundation is an ideal resource for individuals hoping to contribute to the legal aid community without needing to select just one cause. This year alone saw the distribution of $150,000 to organizations addressing children’s rights, mental health law, and economic justice. By transforming the Foundation into a resource that both collects and distributes funds, the Foundation believes that we will be able to make a greater impact in the legal aid community. 

Written by Maggie Menditto, Executive Administrator, McDowell Foundation, January 24, 2018