Grant Season Approaches

With the advent of warmer weather comes the arrival of another year of giving at the McDowell Foundation, and we anticipate this year to be more rewarding than ever before. The Foundation has received a wide range of thoughtful feedback from individuals and organizations in the legal aid community following the publication of its first annual report, further cementing the Foundation’s role as an agent of giving during this critical time in the national political landscape. 

The Foundation has come a long way since its first grantees were selected in 2010. Where it once gave seven grants totaling $25,000, the Foundation will now distribute six grants totaling $150,000. We hope in this year and in those to come to increase that amount of giving through the additions  by donors to the Foundation’s capital. The Foundation has taken steps in recent months to enhance  this possibility by registering as a charitable organization in the states in which we plan to campaign for additional funding. 

With summer just around the corner, the Foundation suggests interested organizations to reach out early to make sure their application is in line with the Foundation’s mission before the official due date of August 1, 2018

Application guides can be found at and Foundation officers are available for fielding general inquiries at

Written by Maggie Menditto, Executive Administrator, McDowell Foundation, May 9, 2018