Eighth Year of Giving

Currently in its eighth year of giving, the Barbara McDowell and Gerald S. Hartman Foundation is expanding. The Foundation hired an Administrator, significantly increased its mailing list of potential applicants, and began building a social media presence to connect with more and varied potential applicants and donors.

In preparation for its 2018 grant decisions to be made in September 2017, the Foundation has engaged in multiple forms of outreach with the aim of building a more accessible and informative presence in the legal aid and giving communities. The Foundation’s Overview, a newsletter written by its President covering both the Foundation’s history and prospects for the future, will made published later this week. Accessible through the Foundation’s website are links to Twitter, Facebook, and–soon–PayPal. By making the jump to accept online donations, the Foundation will cultivate a culture of reciprocal giving, by which your money is re-gifted through the Foundation’s extensive application process and careful consideration by the Foundation’s board.

The Foundation has been and will continue to be committed to improving the economic well-being and social conditions of disadvantaged persons and groups through grantmaking to organizations that fight injustice through systemic litigation. Through these expanded efforts the Foundation will continue doing what it has always done in a more extensive fashion. Check back here for updates on the Foundation’s activities, including the bringing of high impact cases brought in conjunction with social justice organizations, as we look ahead towards the receipt of this year’s grant applications, the building of our online presence, and our annual board meeting this September!