Approaching Application Deadline for 2018 Grants

On August 1st, 2017, the Foundation will close its application window for grants for the 2018 giving season. This deadline comes at a crucial moment for the legal aid community. Set amidst the turbulent political climate of the past year, the Foundation has reenergized its efforts for application solicitation, reaching out to applicable social justice and not-for-profit organizations through a variety of ways and with increased vigour. 

With our sights set on the grantee selection process that will occupy the majority of August and September, the Foundation looks forward to acquainting ourselves with the valuable work being done by our diverse pool of applicants. This is the time of year that we at the Foundation most enjoy; when we are able to fully engage with and contribute to the hands-on work being done by our applicants to improve the economic and social conditions of disadvantaged people and groups. 

While this may be the end of the 2018 application season, it is only the start of the Foundation’s refocused outreach efforts and expansion. Stay tuned for updates as we move into the grantee selection process, including testimonial highlights from our collaborative work in the past year!