Announcing the 2019 Grantees

After another successful grant cycle shown by the work of last year’s grantees, the McDowell Foundation has selected this year’s grantees. Of the fifty-six organizations which applied, five were selected to each receive $30,000 grants, a 20% increase from last year’s award amounts. A complete list of our 2019 Grantees can be found here.  

The missions of the selected organizations reflect the changing needs of the contemporary political climate. Two grantees, the American Immigration Council and the National Immigration Project, were selected for their efforts to ensure fair and equitable rights for immigrants seeking entrance to the United States. Another grantee, the Center for Gender and Refugee Studies, was awarded a grant for their work at the intersection of two critical political battles, fighting for the rights of domestic violence survivors seeking asylum.

The National Center for Law and Economic Justice was selected as a 2019 grantee for their fight against discriminatory traffic enforcement practices in minority communities by the Buffalo, New York police department. And our last grantee, the Prisoners’ Legal Services of Massachusetts received their grant for their work challenging a state law that authorizes the civil commitment of men in correctional facilities with substance abuse issues. 

We here at the McDowell Foundation are thrilled to be participating in each of these worthy fights for social and economic justice. Indeed, after reading the dozens of applications from organizations across the country, the Foundation’s efforts have expanded, by giving larger grants  to organizations fighting for social justice.

Written by Maggie Menditto, Executive Administrator, McDowell Foundation, October 26, 2018