2018 Grant Applications: Next Steps

This year, the Barbara McDowell Foundation received a total of fifty-six applications for 2018 grants. By the end of September, this large pool of worthy and diverse applicants must be narrowed down to a small number of grantees. Led by the Foundation’s President and aided by its ten-member Board of Directors, the selection process is a difficult and necessary effort that will ensure the Foundation’s financial participation in significant litigation efforts to support disadvantaged people and groups in the United States. 

While we at the Foundation are proud of our involvement in these important legal and social justice efforts, there is always the hope that we could be doing more to help those in need. This wish rests at the crux of our plans to expand the Foundation, its resources, and our potential to give. Though it is unlikely that the Foundation will increase its giving resources significantly before the end of the 2018 grant cycle, the selection process to five grantees this September will be carried out with an eye towards the future; one in which we can financially contribute to more projects–suggested by social justice organizations. 

If you are interested in contributing to the Foundation’s mission, please reach out to us at mcdowellfoundation@mcdowellfoundation.org and view our website, where there will soon be a link to donate directly to the Foundation.